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Footprints in Alabaster Footprint gallery view A Tree in the Hand tree in hand
Footprints (carved alabaster, dirt, plants)

  A Tree in the Hand  
Leaf-wing Leaf-wing lambsear wing wing-lambsear Leaf-wing
Leaf Wings, dried leaves, mounted between sheet acrylic

  leaf-stain on paper
Leaf-wing wing photo wing-leaves leafy wing Leaf-wing
Leaf Wings, silver gelatin prints on rag paper

root-wraps root-wraps root-wraps root-wraps root-wrap
Root-wraps installation, Rockford Museum of Contemporary Art    
The Life of Plants life of plants paintbrushes scroll scroll, flowers
The Life of Plants, with detail Daffodil & Grass Brushes Scrolls for Geophasiacs  





Janet Pihlblad