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Date: Class Activities by Day: Links:

Week One

1. Let's go over the syllabus together.
2. Introductions.
3. Watch a movie: The Presuaders, a PBS documentary on the advertising business.
5. Start the reading, due in two weeks: Read Visible Signs: the first three chapters.

Syllabus download: click here

New Project: Violating Systems of Classification

Slides: Violating Classifications, click here. 

Slide show: Intro to Semiotics.
Semiotics Terminology/Vocabulary , click here.

Visible Signs Reading:
Introduction, pps. 8-11, click here
Visible Signs, pps. 14-19, click here.
Visible Signs, pps. 20-25, click here.
Visible SIgns, pps. 32-37 , click here.
Visible SIgns, pps. 38-45, click here.
Visible SIgns, pps. 50-58, click here.
Visible SIgns, pps. 61-65, click here.

Week 2

1. Presentation: Intro to Semiotics.
2. Assign next reading-presentations.

Assigned Reading sections, click here.

Visible SIgns, Second Reading:
p. 72-82, click here.
p. 88-94, click here.
p. 95-101, click here.
p. 108-119, click here.
p. 132-137, click here.


Week 3

1. Student Presentations from the reading: Visible Signs.
2. Second reading: sections are assigned (links are above, last week's links).





Week 4

1. Project Due: Violating Classifications
2. Student Presentations on sections of the readings.
3. New assignment: FInd Ads That perpetuate myths, as in Barthe's quotation. FInd at least two ads that reinforce the same myth.
4. Read Barthes Essay: The Rhetoric of the Image (see week six, below)

Slides Reinforcing Semiotics Vocabulary, click here.

Assignment: FInd Ads that Perpetuate Myths, click here.

Week 5

Marh 7 -12

1. Look at and discuss Ads that perpetuate Myths.

2. New Assignment: Develop and ad campaign that counters a myth.


Spring Break, No classes.

Like a Girl Campaign, article, click here.


Week 6



Barthes' Essay, Rhetoric of the Image, click here.

Week 7



Reading: Designing Brand Identity 1

Reading 2: Designing Brand Identity 2

Kellogs Core Values, link here.
Nike Core Values.
Nike Core Values explained/interpreted, here.



Week 8



Assignment: Self-Branding Part1

Assignment: Self Branding Part 2

Slides: Branding/Self Branding

Slides: Femme Boost Campaign

Homework-Please look at: Using Color in Branding

Week 9

1. Students present Self-Branding Part 2: Mood-board Presentations and words/phrases for self-brand.

2. New Touchpoints assignment, to further develop your brand.

3. See slides of some other branding campaigns.

Touchpoints Assignment


Week 11

1. Individual conversations, catch-up for some students.
2. View Powerpoints

Livestrong New Identity Campaign Slideshow.
The Nothing Campaign Slideshow.

Week 12

1. Touchpoints Assignment is Due.
2. New Assignment and Reading

Click here for the reading: Just Design.
Click here for the Assignment and the Reading Questions to Answer: Design for Good.
Week 13

1. Discuss the reading
2. Individual APpointments to confer on your project's progress
3. See Slides: Design for Good.

Slide Show: Design for Good Examples

Week 14

1. Present your works in Progress for Discussion
2. See Slides: Ten Ways Design Can Help

Ten Ways to Help-Slide show

Exam Week
May 9