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Date: Class Activities by Day: Links:
How to scan, click here.
Week 1

Go over the syllabus.
See slides of past student's work.
Demo/Talk about the Mac Platform.

Student Questionnaire, click here.
Mac Platform, click here.

Week 2

1. Demonstration in Illustrator Basics.
2. Exercises with shapes turned into faces, and also tracing animals with the PenTool.
3. First assignment: Self Portrait, then, later, an Alter Ego Portrait.

Assignment, Self Portrait and Alter Ego
First part is due in 2 weeks, as projected image.
Demo2:Demo: Posterize a photo to use as a template
Illustrator, Manipulating Shapes and the Pen Tool
Slides of past student work (click here to download pdf of slides)
Click here to open a page of animals to trace.

Week 3

1. Illustrator Demonstrations and exercises.
2. See Examples of the brush tool with gradients
3. Work time in class on your project, with individual help as needed.

Read about Shepard Fairey:

Mark Vallen, cick here.

Jamie O'Shea, click here.

Demo: Using the Brush Panel
Hairless 1, download ai file here.
Hairless 2, download ai file here.
Demo: Using Gradients.
Ribbon/Sphere Example, download here.

Week 4

Work-time in class on self-portraits/Alter Egos.
Slide Show on Shepard Fairey.
Help with individual projects as needed.

Week 5

1. Critique Self Portraits and Alter Egos
2. Slide-show and new assignment:


Week 6

1. I will collect the Self Portraits and Alter Ego files through Dropbox.
2. Demonstrations: 3. Work time in class.

Create a Dropbox Account

Week 7

1. Bring Objects to scan, both Natural and Human-Made.
2. Photoshop Demonstration and exercises.
3. Look at examples.
4. Scan during class.

Selecting Practice file: Ascidiae.
Photoshop Demonstration Page, click here.
New Assignment page: Nature vs. Human-Made
Slideshow of examples, click here.
How to Scan: Directions.

Week 8

1. Photoshop demo and exercises.
2. Worktime for Materials: Natural vs, Human-made.

Potomac, click here.

PDF, More Photoshop Demonstration.
Flower example photo, click here.
Sky Highway, click here.

Skater Image Download, here.

Download the adjustments files from Dropbox.

Week 9

Critique: Organic vs. Human-made. Demo: Photoshop: refine edge, feather, creating shadows.Activity: Exercises in Photoshop. View: Video on environmental issues and potential solutions,Escape from Suburbia, The American Dream. New Assignment: Composite, Persuasive Imagery.Using your new Photoshop abilities to make a composition which will establish a point of view and


Flower demo-etc., click here.

Week 10

Work on Persuasive Propaganda Poster.


Week 11

1. Photoshop Demonstration : Select skater and refine edge dialog box, understand how to feather, and save & load selections.
3. Demo about the adjustments panel in Phtoshop.


Download Skater file for exercise, click here.

Skater Demo-Directions, click here.

Adjustments Panel Directions

Photo-examples, download as zip file, click here.

Assignment page: Create Animation, click here.

Demo-Directions: Create an Animated GIF, click here.

Week 12



Animation Examples:

Political satire through wild collages, made in Photoshop, by Kenneth Tin KIn:

Student work, click here.

Cirque du Freak:

Wk 13

Work time during class for your animation

Week 14

1. Adding a sound track to your animation.
2. Watch a Documentary Movie.

Demo-Adding Audio and Saving as a Quicktime Movie
Week 15

Final Critique (Exam week)