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Date: Class Activities by Day: Links:
Week One

1. Go over the syllabus
2. Introductions

Link to syllabus, click here.

Assignment: Find great packaging, analyze categories.

Slides: intoduction to the class and the assignment.

Week Two

1. Look at your examples of packaging for categories.
2. See Templates, and choose some to construct and experiment with.
3. Assignment: make a CD package. See past student examples.
4. Make sketches and plan your designs

Assignment: Design and construct a CD package.

Link to CD Templates page, click here.

Week Three
1. See how to download, tile prints, transfer and trace templates fo CDs.
3. Everyone make three plain-paper folded templates.
4. I will check you CD design in progress.

How to make the templates from the downloadable diagrams

Week Four

1. Projected digital version of your CD package is due. We will look at these and provide suggstions.
2. Finish and print and assemble your CD package.
3. New assignment: Eccentric Ingenious Package.

Slides, click here.

Link to eccentric templates, click here.

Assignment: Eccentric, Ingenious Packaging

Week Five
1. CD Package is due, as final prototype.
2. Critique of CD packages, completed.
3. Work in class on innovative, eccentric folded packages.

See links above for examples

Week Six

1. Three folded paper roughs are due today, with sketches.
2. Work on eccentric package design.

Eccentric Templates Web Page, click here.

Directions for how to use the templates, click here.

Week Seven

1. Creative-eccentric Package is due as printed, folded prototype, and flat version.

2. New Assignment: Food Package Redesign

SpringBreak Mar. 7- 12    
Week Eight
Package in it's final form should be finished. Prepare the completed Illustrator files as directed.
You should have both the prototype package completed and the ai file to mass produce it.
New project will be introduced: Package Redesign.

Slides on Typography
New Assignment: Package Re-Design, click here.
Creative Brief written assignment, click here.
Reading on package Re-design, click here.
Case Study of package Re-design, Skinny Cow, click here.

Dieline Tutorials – Claytowne's Blog Page, with a list of tutorials; please scroll down, and read "Create a Dieline From a Flattened Box Scan – How To Save a Bad Dieline", and also "Package Design Checklist – 15 Things You Should Put on a Food Package" .

Dieline (.AI file required essentials, click here.)

Week Nine
Linked, here, is a short article about a small chocolate company, which prioritizes good design. Your assignment is first to read the article, then pretend that you, too have inherited a small chocolate company, and are designing the packaging for unusual flavors of chocolate bars. You will design one chocolate bar package, as an example. Due as projected digital image, not printed. If you want to present an prototype, instead, that's fine, either is acceptable.
Linked article about the chocolate company, click here.
Week Ten

!. Due: Two primary display panels for your redesign project
2. Discuss the creative briefs, turn in written answers.
3. Work on your redesign. Include all necessary certification marks.


AI file which has several shapes of nutritional panels, which are editable in Adobe Illustrator ( The same file is available through the Claytowne blog article).

See just the top .ai layer with only cut-lines & fold-lines, click here.

Package with bleed and cut lines, click here (low resolution, but helpful to look at anyway).

Food certification marks, Sites:

Week Eleven

1. Due: Finished package redesign, as both a pdf and as an .ai file, set up as a dieline with correct layers for cut lines/perforations
/glue, on one layer, and the bleed-line on the layer with the design.

2. New assignment of choosing a package to redesign, to be more ecologically friendly.

3. Slide show or video, if time allows.

5. Reading and take-home test about Sustainability, Climate Change, and Packaging.

Reading and test, click here.

Week Twelve

Test on Sustainability Reading is due.

1. Go over Reading.
2. Look at Slides on sustainably-minded package-ideas.
3. New Assignment: Research Material
4. Ongoing project: Redesign one package for better sustainability.

Helpful links:

Assignment: Research Materials
Intro to all plastics.
Green PET
Steel & Aluminum
Paper & Card
Paper Pulp
Vegetable based Inks

Week Thirteen


2. Students give presentations on materials.

Assignment page for Eco-friendly/sustainable re-design project, click here.

Plastics in a Nutshell-download

Week Fourteen

1. Students give materials presentations.
2. There will be a quiz on various packaging materials (pass-fail, highest score gets a prize).
3. Talk about the final, view more examples, individual meetings for instructor's advice and comments). website for sustainability certification standards, click here.



Quick Notes on Eco-friendly ideas:

Lightweighting means making a new package which weighs less. Uses less fossil fuel to transport.

Biodegradable Packaging Materials:

Natural materials:
Banana leaves

Recycled paper pulp

Biodegradeable Plastics:

PLA (Polylactic Acid)
Celluose Plastics
Starch Plastics
(starch plastics biodegrade on contact with water, so use is limited.)

Paper foam ( a hybrid of wood fiber and starch) biodegradable

Degradeable Plastics are fossil fuel plastics that have elements added which causes them to disintegrate (degrade) into minute particles.

Glass and Aluminum: 100% recyclable.
Green PET: recyclable and uses less fossil fuel.

Unbleached paper eliminates the chlorine bleach from harming the environment.

Recycled paper packaging eliminates landfill by reuse, and requires less trees to be cutdown.

Vegetable inks and soy-based ink cause less VOCs and use less fossil fuel.


Exam Week